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Our Service To You

Personal Injury is just that – personal.  Our expert Lawyers can advise and guide you whatever type of accident you have had.

Our approach

We provide our clients with more than just legal expertise. We listen. From our first conversation with you, we take the time to understand how your injury has affected you – we don’t just ask a list of standard questions. Pursuing a claim, or even enquiring about a claim, can be a daunting prospect for anybody. It is only natural to feel uncertain. That’s why we try to make the process as simple as possible. From our first conversation, you will get straight answers, in plain English, to the issues that affect you. Your enquiry and claim will be dealt with by the same person throughout. You will not be passed from pillar to post. You will have the reassurance and confidence that you will be dealt with at all times by an expert personal injury legal adviser who knows you and your case.

It costs nothing to contact us for a no-obligation conversation.

How do I make a claim?

Step 1:  Get in touch and we can discuss your claim.

Contact us on 0800 0743222 or fill in our enquiry form about your injury circumstances. Our personal injury compensation experts will discuss with you in detail what has happened and take the time to understand fully the impact your injury has had on your life. We will answer any questions you may have but we won’t pressure you. Our expert personal injury adviser will tell you if you have a valid basis to claim or not. We will explain, in as much detail as you need, the process that will then be followed. We give a personal, one-to-one service and that adviser will remain your own point of contact throughout the whole claim.

Step 2: Start your claim

Once you tell us you want to start a claim, we will notify your claim to the responsible party, usually by letter. That letter ought then to be passed to that party’s insurer.

Step 3: What Happens Then?

In due course, a response should be provided by the insurers for the responsible party. The response should say whether or not the insurers are prepared to admit the responsible party was at fault – in other words, whether the insurers accept they are liable to pay you compensation.

If liability is not admitted, we will discuss the position fully with you and consider how to respond to challenge the insurers’ denial.

If liability is admitted, we will continue ingathering all information, including medical evidence and reports, needed to secure the maximum amount of compensation you may be entitled to. For information on what you can claim for, click here.

If no settlement can be achieved through negotiation with the insurers, we will discuss fully with you all options, including the option of raising a court action.

Why LawWin?

We always:

  • Explain clearly the steps we will take to try to resolve the claim through negotiation
  • Keep you updated throughout the process
  • Explain what input we will need from you, at what stage and why
  • Pursue claims forcefully to minimise delays in resolving your claim
  • Obtain, where possible, an interim payment of your compensation at an early stage
  • Advise you fully on all options if an opponent delays

Sometimes, success is achieved only through a willingness to fight. We do not run from fights. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients in pursuing cases as forcefully as possible to get the best result for them that the law allows – not just to succeed but also to maximise the amount of injury compensation payable.