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How to claim guide

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What happens next? One of our experts will take the time to understand fully what happened and how it has affected you. They will be able to advise immediately whether there is a good basis for pursuing a claim.

A claim is begun usually by our sending a letter or a claim form to the person or company responsible for causing your accident, or to their insurers. Those insurers should promptly carry out their own investigations into the circumstances of your accident.

Once the insurers have completed their investigations they will write to us to say whether or not they are admitting liability (fault) for your accident. We will discuss the position with you fully at that stage.

What can I claim for?

There are a number of categories of compensation that can be claimed. The categories that may be open to you to claim will depend on how the accident and how the injuries have affected you. The most commonly encountered categories are:-

  • Compensation for the pain, suffering and inconvenience arising from the injury
  • Compensation for any earnings lost as a result of time off work because of the injury suffered in the accident
  • Compensation to reflect any additional help you have required, say from family members, cleaners or tradesmen, with certain day to day tasks in and around the house because your injuries have prevented you from undertaking those tasks

In cases involving more serious injuries, further categories can arise if a person’s injuries are likely to prevent them from undertaking some or all types of work in the future. Those categories relate to future loss of earnings and also pension rights if applicable.

We will advise you fully on those categories which are open to you as part of your claim.

To prove the existence of injuries, it is almost always necessary to obtain some form of evidence of the injuries suffered. Most common is a report from an independent medical specialist but for less serious injuries, a letter from a GP, or sometimes medical records, can suffice. We will advise on the best evidence to obtain and will make all the necessary arrangements.