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Accident Compensation Expert Lawyers Throughout Scotland

At LawWin you will find not only the expertise extensive enough to deal with all types of accident claims anywhere in Scotland, but also advisers who will be able to offer, when you first call, answers to the questions that matter to you. We understand that an injury is not just about the compensation – it is about you and how it has affected you and your quality of life.

We have the expertise to deal with all types of accident claims including:

Slip and Trip Accidents

An accident which occurs because of a slip or a trip can often seem the simplest of accidents. But the resulting injuries can in some cases be serious, causing a very significant impact on the injured person’s life and lifestyle. If you have been injured as a result of a slip, trip or fall in the last three years, anywhere in Scotland, and if the accident was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.

Contact LawWin’s expert personal injury compensation team now to discuss whether you may have a claim.

There are many different situations in which a slip, trip or fall could occur resulting in injury and a possible claim for compensation.

Slip, trip or fall while at work

As with all claims for personal injury compensation, to succeed, it needs to be established that the cause of the accident was due to the fault and negligence of another party – an individual, company or organisation. Where the accident occurred at work, there are specific regulations that underpin the duty an employer has to take reasonable care for your safety at work.

An employer has a duty of care in relation to:

  • The suitability of a floor surface for its use
  • Keeping floors free from a spillage or other substance likely to cause a fall
  • Taking reasonable care to ensure that floors are kept free from any item or obstruction likely to cause a fall
  • Organising the workplace in such a way that there are clearly designated walkways where necessary
  • Making sure there is proper lighting in the workplace
  • Making sure any temporary hazards that cannot be cleared are clearly marked

Other slip, trip or fall claims

If you have suffered an injury due to a slip, trip or fall which did not occur at your work, then there could still be a basis for making a compensation claim.

Trip due to pot holes in road

Pot holes in a road of course can present a danger to cyclists and drivers but they also can create a risk of tripping to a pedestrian crossing the road. If you have suffered such a fall, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

As with all claims, it is necessary to establish fault for the occurrence of the accident and that can be a complex issue in certain cases. Contact our expert team for a free, no-obligation discussion. One very helpful piece of information we would require would be photographs of the pot hole or defect.

Slips and Trips due to uneven paving

Uneven, broken or loose paving stones or slabs are common causes of accidents. If you have suffered an accident in the past three years, contact LawWin’s personal injury experts for a free, no-obligation discussion.

Like other types of accident claim, it is necessary to establish fault against another party for the condition of the ground. Where the accident occurred on a public road or path, the responsibility often lies with the local council. In private car parks, such as a retail park, responsibility will most likely rest with the owner of the retail park. Not every surface blemish will suggest fault. Often, an important factor will be the size of the defect. Photographs are particularly helpful.

Falls due to ice

A slip on ice can happen particularly quickly. It can often result in a significant injury. To assess whether it is possible to establish fault against another party for the condition of the ground can be a complex matter. Contact our expert team for a free, no-obligation discussion.

Supermarket & Shop Accidents

For more information about accidents at work in a supermarket, click here. Falls can occur in supermarkets or shops for a variety of reasons including:

  • Spillages which have not been cleared up
  • Spillages for which no warning sign has been put out
  • A wet floor due to a leaking fridge or freezer unit
  • Insufficient mats at the entrance
  • Loose or uneven mats
  • Loose or uneven flooring
  • Packaging including strapping being left on the floor
  • Loose sections of display units
  • Items falling from displays

If one of these, or any other, situation has led to you falling in a supermarket or shop, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Contact us on 0800 0743222 for a free, no-obligation discussion.

Dog bite injuries

Being bitten by a dog is not only a painful but also can be a frightening experience. If you have been injured by a dog bite, then there is a strong chance you will be entitled to claim compensation. Contact the LawWin team now for a free, no-obligation discussion.

Under the law, if the dog belongs to a species known to have a tendency to injure, then the owner of the dog is liable.

For those claims, the key facts to establish are:

  • The identity of the keeper of the dog
  • Contact details for the keeper
  • The breed of the dog
  • We will in early course identify whether the keeper of the dog has insurance to cover a claim such as yours. Most dog owners do.

With certain breeds of dogs, occasionally, it can be helpful to know whether there has been a previous pattern or history of aggressive or attacking behaviour from the particular dog.

Defective product injury

If you have been injured, or become ill, as a result of a product which was defective, you are entitled to make a compensation claim. The law provides good protection to consumers injured by defective products. But there can still be complexities in ensuring the claim is directed against the appropriate company or organisation. While most claims can are initially directed against the manufacturer of a product, there can be some situations where the supplier of the product can also be included.

It is not always easy to identify the correct manufacturer. Many products are built from a number of different components each of which may have been manufactured by different companies. It is important that you have the right advice from expert lawyers with experience in successfully pursuing claims for injuries from defective products.

The information that can usefully be provided at the outset includes:

  • The place your bought the product
  • The date you bought the product (if possible if proof of purchase such as a receipt, order form or delivery note)
  • Identity of the manufacturer, if known
  • If possible, which part of the product failed causing the accident

Don’t worry if you cannot provide every piece of information at the outset. We can assist in obtaining some of these pieces of information.

How can LawWin help?

As the specialist claims division are one of Scotland’s leading law firms, LawWin’s specialist team of personal injury experts will be with you every step of the way to reduce the worry about making a claim and to secure the best possible outcome for you in the claim. We will:

  • In our first discussion with you, take the time to understand fully not just the accident circumstances but also what the injuries have meant for you, your family and your life
  • Provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that we will act on a no win/no fee basis
  • Make sure we are armed with as much information as possible to persuade the responsible party’s insurers to accept liability for the accident
  • Move quickly to progress your claim as speedily as possible
  • We can in many cases help you to obtain private treatment, rehabilitation and therapy services to help you on the way to your recovery
  • Ensure we have all information to allow us to maximise the amount of compensation you receive should your claim succeed including:
    • Full medical evidence on all injuries suffered by you as a result of the accident
    • Information to confirm any wage loss or loss of other income suffered by you because of the injuries
    • Details of help given to you in or around the house by family members, cleaners or tradesmen