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Cycling Accidents

Cycling accident compensation claim experts throughout Scotland

Cyclists are a particularly vulnerable group of road users and, sadly, it is all too common for a cyclist to be injured after being hit by a car, van or lorry. But unlike the driver of the car, a cyclist does not have an insurance company to call to deal with some of the damaged items. A cyclist needs an expert team to fight for all compensation due to them not just for injuries but for other losses suffered in an accident. Inevitably, a large number of cycling accidents occur in cities and our team has regularly acted for cyclists who had accidents in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness. But we have seen an increase in the number of accidents which occur in the satellite towns or suburban areas where there can still often be a significant traffic flow.

Our team of experts acts frequently for cyclists who have been injured. Accidents can happen anywhere on the road but are particularly common at roundabouts and junctions or when a vehicle driver has simply failed to see the cyclist during an ordinary manoeuvre. Even cyclists wearing helmets and other protective equipment are still vulnerable to injury.

What can I do to help my claim?

Among the pieces of information crucial to enhancing the prospects of a claim succeeding are those listed below. These are designed to help us gauge and establish the fault of the other road user in causing the accident. Don’t worry if you do not have every piece of information to hand – with some of them, there may be other ways we could obtain the information if you decide to go ahead with a claim:

  • A description of the location, the movements of your bike and those of the other road user who caused the accident
  • If a vehicle was involved in the accident, then the registration of that vehicle as well as, if possible, the name and address of the driver
  • Contact details of any witnesses who saw the accident
  • A description of your injuries including any treatment you have received
  • Details of any damage done to your bike and equipment

What compensation can you claim?

In many ways this will depend on how the accident injuries have affected you. We will take the time to understand fully what the accident has meant for you. The most common categories in cycling accidents include:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering you have had, and might still have, as a result of your injuries
  • Compensation for any loss of income if your injuries have meant you were unable to work for a period
  • Compensation to reflect any future injury-related difficulties you may have in working
  • Compensation or help given to you by family members with care or every day activities you cannot do because of your injuries
  • Repair or replacement costs arising from damage to your bike caused in the accident
  • Repair or replacement costs for damage to clothing and equipment fitted to the bike
  • Compensation for out of pocket expenses, sometimes including the cost of alternative travel arrangements while you are without a bike, if your bike is regularly used for travelling to and from work

How can LawWin help?

As the specialist claims division are one of Scotland’s leading law firms, LawWin’s specialist team of personal injury experts will be with you every step of the way to reduce the worry about making a claim and to secure the best possible outcome for you in the claim. We will:

  • In our first discussion with you, take the time to understand fully not just the accident circumstances but also what the injuries have meant for you, your family and your life
  • Provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that we will act on a no win/no fee basis
  • Make sure we are armed with as much information as possible to persuade the responsible party’s insurers to accept liability for the accident
  • Move quickly to progress your claim as speedily as possible
  • We can in many cases help you to obtain private treatment, rehabilitation and therapy services to help you on the way to your recovery
  • Ensure we have all information to allow us to maximise the amount of compensation you receive should your claim succeed including:
    • Full medical evidence on all injuries suffered by you as a result of the accident
    • Information to confirm any wage loss or loss of other income suffered by you because of the injuries
    • Details of help given to you in or around the house by family members, cleaners or tradesmen
    • Damaged bike, equipment and clothing