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Burns and Scarring Injury

Burns can sometimes be associated with facial injuries but, whichever part of the body is injured, burns and other skin injuries can be particularly painful and some can leave scars.

Burns & Scarring Compensation

Below is a summary of the ranges of possible awards for burns and scars to other parts of the body. While there is no single figure that is “correct” in a legal sense for every injury, there are guidelines to identify ranges of possible awards depending on the type of injury and the severity. The values listed below are for guidance only. A more specific estimate will only be possible once further information is obtained in relation to your injury. The figures below are for only the “pain and suffering” category that a court may award – the figures below do not include any wage loss or other categories of compensation that may or may not be open to you (for more information see What Can I Claim For?)

  • A single noticeable scar, or several superficial scars of leg, arm or hand – depending on whether there is any degree of cosmetic damage: £1,900 – £6,000
  • For a number of noticeable laceration scars, or a single disfiguring scar, of leg, arm, hand, back or chest: £6,000 – £17,500
  • Substantial burns covering a significant portion of the body – depending on the amount of body affected, the “thickness” of the burns, the cosmetic impact, psychological impact and the need for surgery: up to £80,000