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Facial Injury

Unlike injuries to some other parts of the body, an injury to the face can prompt a range of concerns. Of course, there is the physical pain, but a person who has suffered a facial injury may also feel self-conscious about the appearance of the injury even if the physical pain from the injury passes relative quickly. As an example, a black eye will often be noticeable for longer than it is painful.

The law recognises that the appearance of some injuries can be of particular concern.

Facial injury compensation

While there is no single figure that is “correct” in a legal sense for every injury, there are guidelines to identify ranges of possible awards depending on the type of injury and the severity. The values listed below are for guidance only. A more specific estimate will only be possible once further information is obtained in relation to your injuries. The figures below are for only the “pain and suffering” category that a court may award – the figures below do not include any wage loss or other categories of compensation that may or may not be open to you (for more information see What Can I Claim For?)

Bruising / Scarring

  • For short term bruising or cuts which heal within a short time frame (up to a few months), the awards may be anywhere from a few hundred pounds up to £2,000
  • Scarring that is not particularly prominent except on close inspection: £3,000 – £6,900
  • Scarring which is significant and remains visible at conversational distances: £6,900 – £13,600
  • Scarring leaving moderate to severe permanent disfigurement: £13,600 to £22,900
  • Scarring with substantial disfigurement and a significant psychological reaction because of it: £23,000 to £36,800
  • Very severe scarring: £22,800 to £74,000

Injuries to the facial bones

Fractures to the jaw:

  • Fracture requiring initial immobilisation but from which recovery is complete: £4,900 – £6,700
  • Serious fracture with permanent consequences such as difficulty in opening mouth and with eating: £13,600 – £23,200
  • Very serious multiple fractures requiring prolonged treatment and leaving permanent consequences of pain and difficulty eating: £23,200 – £34,600

Fractures of cheek bones:

  • Simple fracture of cheek bone requiring no surgery and from which recovery is complete: £1,800 – £2,300
  • Fracture of cheek bones requiring some reconstructive surgery but from which recovery is complete: £3,300 – £5,000
  • Serious fractures requiring surgery and leaving lasting consequences such as permanent discomfort or some element of disfigurement: £7,700 – £12,000.

Fractures of nose:

  • Simple undisplaced fracture with full recovery: £1,300 – £1,950
  • Displaced fracture requiring manipulation only: £1,930 – £2,400
  • Displaced fracture where surgery required but recovery complete: £3,000 – £3,900
  • Serious or multiple fractures requiring a number of operations, with possibility of permanent damage to airways, nerves or tear ducts perhaps with facial deformity: £8,100 – £18,000

Multiple fractures of facial bones:

  • involving some facial deformity of a permanent nature: £11,300 – £19,000
  • “Le Fort” fractures of frontal facial bones: £18,100 – £29,000