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Hip Injury

Hip injuries often, but not always, result from falls, for example, after slipping on ice or an accident at work. They can also result from car accidents involving a driver, passenger or pedestrian or from cycling accidents. LawWin’s personal injury specialist team have acted for many clients who have suffered hip injury. A number of our clients have described an apparently straightforward blow to the hip as leading to pain which takes longer than expected to resolve. Hip injuries can of course be more severe, in some cases involving a fracture. We have also acted for a number of clients whose pain has been caused by damage to the soft tissues around the hip.

Our personal injury compensation expert solicitors will take time to understand the full extent of your hip injury and its effect on you and your life. We know from experience that hip injuries are often linked with pain in the lower back which can be particularly limiting. We take care to ensure that all evidence we obtain in relation to your injury assesses the long-term prospects for your injury including whether pain is likely to be permanent and, in more severe cases, whether substantial treatment such as a hip replacement may be necessary.

Hip and pelvis injury compensation

While there is no single figure that is “correct” in a legal sense for every injury, there are guidelines to identify ranges of possible awards depending on the type of injury and the severity. The values listed below are for guidance only. A more specific estimate will only be possible once further information is obtained in relation to your injury. The figures below are for only the “pain and suffering” category that a court may award – the figures below do not include any wage loss or other categories of compensation that may or may not be open to you (for more information see What Can I Claim For?)

  • Severe – extensive fractures to pelvis requiring extensive surgical treatment with substantial disabilities remaining: £59,600 – £99,500
  • Less severe injuries with significant remaining disabilities: £47,050 – £59,600
  • Fractures to the hip leading to degenerative changes (such as arthritis) and requiring likely hip replacement: £29,800 – £39,900
  • Moderate injuries – significant injury to pelvis or hip but with permanent disability not major: £20,200 – £29,800
  • Where hip replacement is carried out successfully leading to substantial resolution of symptoms: £9,500 – £20,200
  • Lesser injuries: from minor soft tissue injuries from which a complete recovery made (up to £3,000); up to cases where significant initial injury has left no residual disability where recovery has taken more than two years to occur (up to £9,500)