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Serious Injury

Sadly, some accidents result in serious injury or death. For more information about claims by families of someone who suffered fatal injuries.

If you have suffered serious injury

If you have suffered serious injury, then as well as the significant pain and restrictions you experience, you may well be facing the prospect of life changing dramatically in other ways as well. It is only natural that, after an accident with serious consequences, you will have a range of concerns which will include:-

  • Long-term implications of your injuries and whether there will be permanent limitations
  • Whether your ability to work in the future will be affected by the injuries
  • Whether changes need to be made to your home because of long-term restrictions from your injuries
  • The impact on your loved ones – whether it be help they will give you or doubts over whether you will be able to support and care for them
  • Whether medical treatment will be required in the long term and its cost

But the reality is that no list, and no website, can ever come close to reflecting the range of concerns and emotions experienced by someone who has been seriously injured.

How the LawWin specialist team can help

We do more than just pursue the compensation claim. Of course, an essential part of our job is to provide the best legal advice to maximise the chances of your claim succeeding. Getting the best outcome in the compensation claim is of course vital. But we can do more than that. We can assist in seeking to secure appropriate rehabilitation therapies to ensure that your care and treatment is as comprehensive as possible. After all, that is the priority for any injured person – to be given the best chance of achieving a good recovery.

How do I start the claim?

In a claim for serious injury, one of our specialist solicitors will arrange to visit you at home, if possible. We recognise that our clients believe, rightly, that a claim involving serious injury is too important to be discussed in a telephone call. We think it’s important that, at such a difficult time in your life, you meet and get to know the solicitor who will deal with your claim. We will meet with you, take the time to understand fully not just the accident but the injuries and the way they have affected you, your life and your family.

As with all claims, we will advise fully on questions of fault (liability) for the accident. We will also take time to understand the impact on you and your family of the injuries both physically and emotionally.

But we won’t pressure you. You may well have a number of other priorities at that point and no formal claim would be begun until you felt ready.

If you decide to begin the claim, we will notify the responsible party formally that you are proceeding with a claim.

At the same time, we will obtain the necessary medical information to understand the full extent of the effects the injuries are having on you and the treatment options under consideration. We will consider as appropriate whether privately-funded rehabilitation therapy would have a helpful role to play and will discuss that fully with you. If your claim is to succeed, part of our job is to obtain the necessary medical reports on all aspects of your injury – and in some cases that means more than one report. We take care to ensure that those reports are obtained at the right stage in your recovery to provide the most meaningful opinion possible at that point.

If your injuries are likely to limit your employment opportunities in the future, there is other evidence we can obtain so we are able to present a full picture to the responsible party’s insurers of all ways in which the injuries will affect you including:-

  • Any future limitation in your ability to undertake some or all types of work
  • Any pension rights affected
  • Any costs arising from changes needed to your property because of the injuries suffered in the accident
  • Any future care needs and the costs associated with them

Serious injury compensation awards