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Shoulder Injury Compensation

An injury to the shoulder can have a big effect. As well as the pain itself, injuries to the shoulder can cause practical problems with many of the day to day tasks we all take for granted such as carrying shopping, caring for young children and gardening.

Shoulder injuries can also restrict a range of sporting and leisure activities and hobbies.

Our expert team regularly deals with compensation claims involving injuries including fractures, dislocations, injury to the clavicle and the rotator cuff and frozen shoulder.

Shoulder injury compensation

While there is no single figure that is “correct” in a legal sense for every injury, there are guidelines to identify ranges of possible awards depending on the type of injury and the severity. The values listed below are for guidance only. A more specific estimate will only be possible once further information is obtained in relation to your injury. The figures below are for only the “pain and suffering” category that a court may award – the figures below do not include any wage loss or other categories of compensation that may or may not be open to you (for more information see What Can I Claim For?)

  • Minor soft tissue injury to shoulder: from recovery within three months (a few hundred pounds) up to recovery in up to two years (£6,000)
  • Clavicle fracture – depending on extent of fracture and likelihood of permanent symptoms : £3,900 – £9,300
  • Soft tissue injuries with significant symptoms persisting after two years (including frozen shoulder with limitation of movement and discomfort from around two years): £6,000 – £9,700
  • Serious dislocation of shoulder and damage to part of brachial plexus causing pain, sensory symptoms in the forearm and weakness of grip. Also includes a fractured humerus leading to restricted shoulder movement and can include serious rotator cuff injuries: £9,700 – £14,600
  • Damage to brachial plexus resulting in significant disability: £14,600 – £36,500